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 When you invest in a safe, you are buying peace of mind. You have spent years aquiring your collection and you want the safest environment to store, protect and preserve your arms.
 Who is watching over your guns when you are not at home? Trust that a Johnson Safe will prevent unwanted access, theft or fire damage while you are away.


  crankJohnson Safe builds our safes with all materials MADE IN THE USA.  
crank2300 Degrees for 1 Hour!

If your goal is to protect your guns and other valuables from both theft and fire, don't settle for inferior materials and workmanship. Please compare other safes' fire ratings to Johnson Safe's 2300 degrees for 1 hour. We acheive this rating by fully welding all our seams and using a ceramic insulation wrap that does not absorb moisture or degrade over time. Most other safe manufacturers spot weld their seams and use common drywall to "fireproof" their safes.

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